Membership Benefits

1. Obtain an Indigenously Born Certificate with a private A #, similar to a S.I.N., with these benefits:
A. Ownership of your land.
B. Ownership of your Resources.
2. Access to a new Wealth system where each Woman and Man born on Turtle Island (LINK) has an equal share of our gross value. Example: For those in CANADA, the Resources are U.S. $33 Trillion (or approx. U.S. $1 Million each).
3. Registration of your Private and Intellectual Property, Can be deposited in your Private Vault over at TUMULT.
After adoption and if approved by the Clan mothers, you are then entitled to the above benefits.
There’s a Yealy Subscription fee of $75 Cdn. for Administration for processing Your Certificates for your memberships.

ASMIN Membership Access Cards Fee: Cdn. $75.00 on a Yealy Subscription.

4. Eligible for TUMULT Trust.
5. Read the ASMIN Rights And Privileges Here: www.Rights And Privileges