Anishinabek Solutrean Metis Indigenous Nation

Askit for Equity Indigenous Tribunal

Greetings, and welcome to the oldest Metis Nation on Turtle Island, a Tribe of Women and Men, not corporate entities,* under the guidance of the Matrilineal Leader and the Grand Chief (pictured HERE), whose lineages are Huron, Mohawk (Iroquois), Nipissing, Algonquin, Abenaki and Mi'kmaq, and on out to BC and south to Bolivia, among others. Listen to this interview with the Grand Chief (HERE).

(*except for 1 entity that protects our Indigenous names from corporate theft, and through which we can ‘communicate’ with other corporate entities. Turtle Island encompasses North America, the Caribbean and, by Treaty, South America).

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Support the Effort to Reclaim our Natural Resources

We have spent many lifetimes working to reclaim our Rights of Stewardship and Entitlements to a Property in the Soil, including our water, so we can benefit from our Great Creatrix’s Natural Resources, and develop and offer an alternative wealth system to our worldwide Indigenous community, all protected under our Matriarchal law system.

The Law

Those Rights for our Nation were recognized by the Supreme Court of CANADA in the Landmark case Daniels v CANADA on April 14, 2016.

Then, on Feb. 13, 2020, an Ottawa Superior Court Justice confirmed that Ottawa is on OUR Un-Ceded Land, triggering The Royal Proclamation of 1763, that is preserved at S. 25 of The Charter of Rights.

Parliament must now vacate Ottawa in favour of a NEW Indigenous Government.

Who is Indigenous ?

Racism was brought here by The British Empire to “Divide and Conquer” the People, (alleging some are Indigenous and others are still somehow European) in order to exploit OUR incredible Wealth in Natural Resources. We reassert that every Woman and Man born on Turtle Island IS Indigenous to the Land.

Join The Land Claim in Trespass

We have filed a Land Claim in Trespass in the Toronto Superior Court as #20-00646731, demanding that the Crown demonstrate a prior, superior Allodial (absolute) Title, per the Common Law of Trespass. OUR version of “Allodial” Title, in Community, displaces the inferior Fee Simple Title, by which fees (taxes) can be demanded by the Crown Inc. Tsilhquot’in v BC [14]. In our Indigenous world, the people who are born here enjoy their wealth as a birthright, as in a Republic of Women and Men.

The Land Claim will continue on up to The International Court of Justice at the Hague, after Notice came from the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). This is the UN Committee that, in 2016, blamed Papal Bulls for Indigenous suffering globally, especially the 1095 Bull called “Terra Nullius” (aka The Doctrine Of Discovery), which contended non-Christians could not own any Land, so the Resources were up for conquest.
CERD wrote on Nov. 24, 2020 that :
1. Parliament had 1 year to pass UNDRIP, a version of which is called Bill C-15, and was tabled on Dec. 3, 2020.
2. The Crown must begin Consultation, as mandated by the SCC in Tsilhquot’in v BC [78], but the Justices and Crown in several ASMIN cases have yet to do. They, and numerous lawyers, are being reported to CERD on an ongoing basis, and will be prosecuted at The Hague for Cultural Genocide for kidnapping of OUR People, and theft of OUR Indigenous Resources.

Join the Claim on The Natural Resources

~Including The Water~

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Benefits of Membership

Allodial Title

You become a Member of the Land Claim in Trespass, and regain absolute Allodial title to OUR Land from the Crown Inc. and its corporate entities.

Intellectual Property

You can earn money and protect your Intellectual creation, (be it in Music, Science or whatever human endeavour) from theft, as of the date you type the Idea under your ASMIN account.

Healer Program

The program opens everyone’s eyes and heart to ancient healing perspectives, methods and sacred medicines. The first phase will entail reading materials, so you can learn at your own speed. The second phase is scheduled to be a series of 45 minute lectures plus a 15 – minute Q and A. See Statutory Exemptions Here.

Seize Your Wealth

You can educate yourself about Real Money vs the Fiat Currency recurring trap, Here and gain access to the new Indigenous Wealth System.

Humic / Fulvic Acid

Purchase top quality Humic/ Fulvic Acid, Organic Gluten Free, through this LINK to Debbie Anderson (Ma-jik), ASMIN Attorney General for Western Turtle Island. This is a referral fee network of those Distributors who sign in under Ma-jik. We suggest 10% of fees earned as an Honorarium to The Grand Chief.

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