Currency vs. Money

Currency (Debt) vs. Money

The main controversy facing the World is :
“To whom is all this debt owed ?”

Many judges and lawyers have a problem just comprehending the question.

Let’s start with the 3 methods of payment :

  1. Money – which is ONLY Gold and Silver. Period.
  2. Banknotes – which are NOT Money or Dollars, but debt instruments or securities.
  3. Bills of Exchange – a holder-in-due-course can redeem this Bill, if there is an asset.

Gold was confiscated from the Americans, Germans and Canadians in 1933. In its place came the New Deal of Debt, based on a Birth Bond (Certificate) Contract your mother made with the bankers to bond your labour until you are 65.

You were issued a Birth Bond #, and became a Corporate Person, which must comply legally with all Corporate rules and regulations, as opposed to owning all the resources communally and lawfully, by being born here.

Those LEGAL rules are used by Oligarchic Families (example: Privy Councils) to steal YOUR lawful right to the immense natural resources.

How capitalism is destroying democracy

CBC Radio · Posted: Nov 02, 2020 5:17 PM ET

According to investigative journalist Bruce Livesey, authoritarian capitalism is more than just wealthy people throwing their weight around — it’s systemic and threatening democracy itself.

Labour cannot be taxed in a Free Society

All wealth derives from LABOUR; Gold and Silver are just the medium of exchange.

Prior to the Birth Bond, your labour CANNOT be taxed (per Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, 1750). After the Birth Bond, you as a Corporate Person can now be taxed.

These Bonds are deposited at the Depository Trust Corp (DTC), under Chase Bank.

When you apply for any loan or credit card, you authorize your agent, the alleged “lender”, to go to the DTC and withdraw from YOUR account, in exchange for a %, and transfer the amount by electronic currency to their computers, not to your account.

The alleged ‘lender” puts only currency received from Chase into their computers, (and not Money) then into an account opened in your Corporate Name at their private Financial Institution.

Per Oxford-trained economist Prof. Richard Werner, when you wish to withdraw that currency, the Financial Institution gives you e.g. a $100 Banknote, which is only a security for the loan YOU made to the Financial Institution (See Werner).

You are therefore the real Creditor.
However, when you deposit that Banknote or a paycheck into that account, the currency is owned by the Financial Institution, See Vuckovich v RBC (ONCA) at (19).

The Debtor Financial Institution (not you the real Creditor) is allowed legally (as a business practice called a fractional reserve system) to open up to 23 more accounts for ‘customers’, out of thin air, but “no law, statute or bank regulation explicitly grants banks the right (usually considered a sovereign prerogative) to create and allocate the money supply.” (See Werner #2)

The USSC in Clearfield Trust v. US (1942) held that when a government issues Commercial Paper, in lieu of Gold and Silver, it loses its Sovereignty and becomes a private corporation…USA Inc. and CANADA Inc.

This is how a balloon starts. We all work hard for 7 years, building up the Nationals’ assets, then pop goes the balloon and the ‘banksters’ grab OUR assets at a fraction of their currency value.

In 1929, the Vatican (and its bank) was paid US $70 M via The Lateran Treaty, which the Vatican Bank used to hire Joseph Kennedy to crash the stock market. Thereafter, the stocks were bought up at a fraction of their value by the Archbishop of NYC.

A Billionaire is possible only via this balloon abuse. They qualify for huge loans, but in the end, the Billionaire Borrowers owe YOU every billion, since your Labour and the Resources belonged to you at birth.

Bills of Exchange are often used between Financial Institution, but these are today backed by zero. These Bills have become a legal currency (electronic) fiction.

So the key is to use the terms Creditor (you) vs Debtor (the Financial Institution), rather than the Borrower (you) and the Lender (the Financial Institution).

The Truth is that the Billionaires owe us the debt they undertook from our Labour, which is the only Real Wealth in this world.

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