ASMIN Rights and Privileges


ASMIN rights(benefits), privileges and obligations.

The benefits/privileges of being adopted by ASMIN are as follows.

ASMIN Rights (Benefits)

Right to call yourself indigenous man or woman

Right to erect signage on your property, land, condo, apartment- with “No Trespass: This is the Unceded land of the Anishinabek Solutrean Metis Indigenous Nation”

Right to the land claims (including those now at the SCC) based on Inter-national Constitutional Common Law that Acts passed in London, England are not valid over the Un-Conquered, Un-surrendered People who are indigenous to Turtle Island, and who can therefore assert Trespass.

Rights to the resources on Kanata, Turtle Island
Right to the use of ASMIN flyers, documents pertaining to one’s freedom e.g. the vax form

Right to use Indigenous Trespass law for unlawful entry by foreign agents (officers, by-law enforcers etc.) to unceded land, home, car, roadway etc.

Right to apply UNDRIP as a binding Inter-national instrument based on the consent of CANADA Corp. at the U.N. on May 10, 2016.

Right to Sovereign Equality as a Non-U.N. member state, according to the 1970 U.N. Declaration, as stated by the SCC in R v Hape 2007 SCC 26 at paragraph 40.

Right to hold an ASMIN certificate of confederacy to the nation as one’s valid member identity and also hold an ASMIN Administrative Access Card. (AAAC)

ASMIN Privileges

Privilege to attend ASMIN zoom educational calls at no cost- complimentary
Privilege to attend the yearly ASMIN sacred gathering (small cost is involved)
Privilege to meet or commune with ASMIN grand council members when available and appropriate Privilege to have immediate access to the AIN tribunal process
Privilege to own an ASMIN passport (Rights of Passage) once it becomes available.
Privilege to purchase the LOVE POD or LOVE satellite phone.
Privilege to join TUMULT and love-light delivery social media platform.

ASMIN Obligations

ASMIN Women’s Council

Code of Conduct – According to the Anishinaabe Grandfather Teachings- the 7 virtues are to be upheld fulfilling the mantra: “Go in a Good Way”. Elder Dr. David Courchene calls them the Seven Sacred Laws, and how these Laws can set a foundation for us to live by as they emanate from having the spirit of kindness.

The Seven Grandfather Teachings are the principles of character that each Anishinaabe should live by: Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility, and Truth.

These teachings impact our surroundings, along with providing guidance toward our actions to one another.

“Each of these teachings must be used with the rest. You cannot have Wisdom without Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility, and Truth. You cannot be Honest if you are only using one of the other teachings. To leave out one teaching would be embracing the opposite of what the teaching means.”

WISDOM ~ Wisdom is represented by the Beaver. The teaching of wisdom will allow you to use your inherited gifts wisely and to recognize your differences and those of others in a kind and respectful way. Wisdom nurtures your ability to listen with clarity and a sound mind so this teaching will focus on how to listen.

LOVE ~ Love is represented by the Eagle. Love can be found in the core of all teachings. It is most important and focuses on having peace with yourself, balance in life, acceptance of all things and graciousness with the creator.

RESPECT: Buffalo ~ Respect is often represented through buffalo or plains bison. Respect is shown for the land by all that we do to ensure it is protected for the next seven generations and beyond. It represents the relationship humans have with the land and to honour all that the land is and does for us.

BRAVERY: Bear ~ Bravery is often represented by the bear. Bravery is a Teaching that is given and shown most when we need it. When we stand up for the land, we are demonstrating Bravery to do what is right by its protection.

HONESTY: Raven ~ Honesty can be represented through the raven. Honesty is a Teaching that starts with one’s inner self. It begins with understanding how we can be genuine behind our intentions and how we can practise honesty toward the land and admit where and identify how we can do better to protect it.

HUMILITY: Wolf ~ Humility often takes the form of a wolf. Humility is an important Teaching when faced with the reality of our actions and the impact humans have had and still do have on the land. We practice Humility when we own up to our shortcomings and learn from our past mistakes. Wolves are social animals and generally live in packs of three to seven individuals.

TRUTH: Turtle ~ Truth is represented by Turtle. Turtle is the compilation of all the Teachings we’ve been given; it is to know that in order to maintain a reciprocal relationship with the land, we must be truthful with ourselves and with others. We are to seek truth and balance with the land and the species that live on Turtle Island.

Failure to uphold these principles in the community, will lead to two warnings and then dismissal. The ASMIN member will first be advised of his/her inappropriate behaviors and if he/she persists, the membership will be terminated.

I __________ adhere to these Seven Sacred Laws set forth by the Anishinaabe teachings.

Anishinabek Solutrean Metis Indigenous Nation