Sovereigns vs. Nationals

Sovereignty and Citizens vs. Indigenous and Nationals on Turtle Island

This is a choice that every Woman and Man can make. Here is the history of the Conquest of North America, so that our Members gain a different, yet accurate Perspective.

In 1756, the 7 years war began after a young George Washington killed an unarmed French Diplomat. That World War ended with the “Peace” Treaty of Paris in 1763.

Eager to appease the Indigenous, King George proclaimed the Royal Proclamation of 1763, which guaranteed the Indigenous owned all Un-Ceded Land .

However, King George angered the Land Speculators in Virginia by protecting his British Loyal Subjects living in Quebec, when he passed the Quebec Act of 1774.

In 1776, the People of the ‘colonies’ declared their Independence from the British Empire by joining The Articles of Confederation of the united States 1777 in Perpetual Union.

Where most are taught there were only 13 colonies, Article XI confirms that some form of Canada acceded to join this Confederation, in order to avoid the British onslaught.

George Washington then reneged on the Royal Proclamation, and sought the Lands of Indian Country (see Map of 1763) and all lands Westward by killing the Iroquois in Ohio.

The Metis (Les Bastard Canadiennes) of Canada quietly returned to Quebec to avoid now the American onslaught.

Then the World War (that Washington had started) ended with the Truce of the Treaty of Paris of 1783, which provided for the Americans and British to enjoy shared access to the Mississippi River, though the river was in Indian Country. See Map of 1775.

In 1840, the UK established The Province of CANADA, after the Metis had risen up in Montreal, aided by the Mayor of Toronto Mackenzie King. 100’s were killed, and many including King were deported or fled to USA, and Caribbean or deported to Australia.

In 1854, the UK Parliament granted CANADA the power to amend their Constitution. See Here

In the USA, civil war broke out in 1860
over which banks would control cotton :

– those of the South who ‘owned’ the cotton (picked by Black Labour)
– the NY Banksters, agents of London’s Law Guilds called The Inns of the Temple Bar.

Only when Lincoln was losing badly did he reach for the Slave Card. The slaves were freed only until the Fourteenth Amendment (1868), which created a new class of taxpayer, the Citizen, as opposed to an un-taxable National (Indigenous i.e. born here).

A year earlier, the British Empire attempted to place the Metis Nationals under a 2nd Confederation of provinces, in a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. As the provinces were already owned by Victoria, she did NOT give Royal Assent to the British North America Act, which Act was later repealed in 1893.

This fake 49th Parallel division of the Nationals intensified the Racism by indoctrinating Nationals with the notion that people who were BORN here were NOT Indigenous, but rather were somehow still European. That racist concept is coming to an end, after the Ottawa Superior Court Justice, with Inherent Jurisdiction, confirmed that Ottawa is Un-ceded Land, triggering The Royal Proclamation of 1763 and Indigenous ownership of the Land and its Resources. For a fuller history of CANADA Inc. go to: Fabrication of A Nation.


By joining ASMIN, either as someone born here, or as someone who came here and now applies to become a National, a Woman or Man can now obtain an Indigenous Number (IN).

They automatically join the Land Claim in Trespass (Toronto), and the Class Action (Simcoe) over the Resources of Turtle Island, including the water !

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