Legal vs. Lawful

Legal vs.Lawful

Historically, Indigenous Women and Men never had the concept of taxes.
Rather, taxes are the creation of Legal Fictions and are not native to Turtle Island.

USA Inc.

When the early pioneers fled Europe, one reason was to end taxation by the Crowns.

To that end, the Americans passed the US Constitution in 1789, the highest Law, which strictly forbids taxation directly on the Labour of a Woman or a Man. Taxes were levied indirectly only on corporate commerce.

That founding document sets out the powers and limitations on the US Congress.

The Congress therefore cannot alter any Rights of the Women and Men born on their Indigenous (Un-Ceded) Land.

Any Amendment can only add to those rights, not restrict them.

The Revolutionary War in 1776 ended with a Truce set forth in the Treaty of Paris in 1783, but the pre-War and War debt carried on up to Andrew Jackson, who marched the Indigenous out of Georgia*, then sold lands west of “Indian Country” simply to create a surplus. See Map of 1763

* In violation of the US Supreme Court decision in Worcester v Georgia that Congress must protect the Natives, per The Royal Proclamation of 1763.

The USSC affirmed at p. 516 that the Cherokee is a sovereign Nation, and regarding power to convey Indigenous Land stated at p. 517:

The extravagant and absurd idea that the feeble settlements made on the seacoast, or the companies under whom they were made, acquired legitimate power by them to govern the people, or occupy the lands from sea to sea, did not enter the mind of any man. They were well understood to convey the title which, according to the common law of European sovereigns respecting America, they might rightfully convey, and no more. This was the exclusive right of purchasing such lands as the natives were willing to sell.

Then at p. 519 : The very term “nation” so generally applied to them, means “a people distinct from others.” The term distinct” was confirmed by the SCC in Daniels at para .(17).

The ASMIN Right to self-government was cited at p. 520:

.These articles are associated with others recognising their title to self-government. The very fact of repeated treaties with them recognises it, and the settled doctrine of the law of nations is that a weaker power does not surrender its independence — its right to self-government — by associating with a stronger and taking protection. A weak state, in order to provide for its safety, may place itself under the protection of one more powerful without stripping itself of the right of government and ceasing to be a state.

In this way, the legal fiction of a war debt violated the Royal Proclamation of 1763.

New Concept of Citizens

After the devastating Civil War, the Americans could no longer pay the new debt of $5 Billion, so the International Banksters arranged for the passage of the Washington DC Act of 1781, which created a Receiver Corporation initially designed to govern only those Citizens living within DC.

In 1868, Congress passed the 14th Amendment, converting American Tax-free Nationals (who had power over Congress) into Citizens and officers (who are under the DC Act that was passed 3 years later in 1871).

That DC Act created a Receivership known as The USA Inc., to collect the War Debt from the previously un-taxable Nationals. See this superb video of Karen Hudes, a Yale-trained lawyer, who was Senior Counsel at The World Bank who is backed up by this succinct VIDEO addressing the USA Inc.

In 1933, following the 1929 Stock Market Crash, President FDR confiscated the Gold then passed the New Deal of Debt, whereby Citizens would be given a Corporate Birth Bond Certificate, with a Corporate CUSIP* on the back and the notation “Banknote, Revenue Receipt or Treasury use” on the Document it self. See CBBC

*CUSIP stands for Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures. A CUSIP number identifies most financial instruments, including: stocks of all registered U.S. and Canadian companies, commercial paper, and U.S. government and municipal bonds.

We the People, and our Labour, became the currency.

In 1934, the U.S. Income Tax Act altered the definition of “Income” from real estate, to include Wages from Labour, the latter of which cannot be taxed directly pursuant to the Organic Constitution of 1789, based on Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations (1750).

Since 1945, and the creation of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Congress has passed more and more Statutes, which are legal, but may not be lawful.

The main impediment to your freedom stems from the fact lawyers become judges, and both are regulated by the B.A.R. (British Accreditation Registry) in the small City of London, which is a Sovereign City State within England, similar to the Vatican City State and DC.

They may swear an Oath to their clients, but they owe a higher duty to the Court, that is, the Temple Inns of Court, being the Inner Temple for CANADA Inc. and the Middle Temple for the USA Inc. If lawyers do not follow their Rules, the privilege to practice can be revoked.

In Indigenous Law, there are no lawyers allowed into the Law Circle of Equity.\


In order for a dead Act to become alive, it requires 3 Readings in Parliament, an Enabling Clause and Royal Assent of the Monarch.

Canada has been governed by the BNA Act of 1867. The problem is that Queen Victoria never provided her Royal Assent, for 3 reasons:

1. UK Parliament granted Canada the power to amend its Constitution in 1854.

2. There is no certified true copy of the BNA Act with Royal Assent of Queen Victoria.

3 .The Queen was bound by The Royal Proclamation of 1763 to honour the fact that the Indigenous People still own all Un-Ceded Land, and the Resources thereunder.

Consequently, the BNA Act of 1867 was repealed (nullified) in 1893 by the (UK) Statute Law Revision Act.

In 1931, the Dominion of CANADA came to an end, but no politician called for a Constitutional Convention of the People, as had occurred in Philadelphia in 1776.

In 1982, The CANADA Act, passed in LONDON as a mere Appendix B then Proclaimed in CANADA, was an attempt to provide Canadians with a method of Amending the UK-based BNA Act, repealed in 1893, and a Charter of Rights, a Corporate term, but that Act is a redundancy for 2 reasons:

1. The power to amend had already been transferred in 1854.

2. CANADA already had the Bill of Rights (SC 1960 c. 44).

What Canadians received in 1982, by Proclamation was:

1. A new CANADA Inc. by “Letters Patent” that could tax the Corporate Birth Certificates.

2. A new service corporation only over the Queen’s Loyal British Subjects, not the Indigenous Women and Men.

3. An Act that is still conditional upon (or “subject to”) the S. 59 Language Clause. This is why the Act is still an attempt.

International Constitutional Law, otherwise known as Aboriginal Common Law of British Imperial Policy, was cited by the SCC in 2021 in R v Desautel at para (68).

That British Policy was established by Lord Mansfield in the 1774 case Campbell v Hall, and states:

Acts passed in London, England have no Jurisdiction over Un-conquered People.

(See extract of Donovan article HERE).

Since the SCC in both R v. Desautel at para. (30), and Haida v BC at para. (25) confirmed that the Indigenous People living in Canada (Kanata) were never conquered, neither the Repealed BNA Act of 1867, nor The CANADA (Inc.) of 1982 have any Jurisdiction over the Women and Men of ASMIN !

The Courts of CANADA Inc. vs. Indigenous Tribunals of UNDRIP

In 1990, ONTARIO Inc. (E.D.G.A.R. # 0000074615) passed a slew of Statutes, including The Law Society Act, and the Rules of Civil Procedure, which govern only corporations.

ONTARIO Inc. also passed a new Courts of Justice Act which removed the Jurisdiction of Conscience (known as Chancery) from the people, and by S. 96 gave that Equity solely to the Justices.

The Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court of CANADA are Statutory Courts, enforcing what is legal by Statute. There is no law under a Constitution voted on by the People, whose Common Law and Law (Maxims) of Equity are today mostly ‘statutized’.

Indigenous Tribunals

The Right to Self-govern as Women and Men, Indigenous to the Land, was recognized
by the United Nations in its Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) in the Fall of 2007.

According to the SCC in R v Hape, released just before UNDRIP, International laws issued by the UN are immediately binding on its members by the Law of Adoption, UNLESS Parliament or Congress act to the contrary, which neither has.

On June 21, 2021, CANADA Inc. became the last governmental entity of the U.N. to ratify U.N.D.R.I.P. by passing Bill C-15, S. 2(3) of which states “nothing delays UNDRIP”.

Article 3 of UNDRIP clearly states we have the Right to Self-determine, which equates to being a Sovereign Nation, distinct from CANADA Inc. Articles 27, 34 and 40 of UNDRIP site the right.

Article 40 of UNDRIP cite the Right to Indigenous Laws, recognized by the SCC in Delgamuukw (Wet’suwet’en) v BC 1997 at [147-148] as equal.

On Feb. 13, 2020, an Ottawa Superior Court Justice confirmed that Ottawa is on Un-Ceded Land, which triggers The Royal Proclamation of 1763 mandate that the Trespassers, here Parliament and the SCC, vacate Ottawa immediately.

ASMIN immediately filed Land Claims in Trespass on behalf of ALL Women and Men born on Turtle Island (or those from abroad who may be adopted, Land Claim is supported by 12 Supreme Court Cases.

ASMIN also filed a lien claiming Stewardship over all the Natural Resources, including our Water, which Land Claim is also supported by 12 Supreme Court Cases.

So far, the ‘Canadian’ Crowns have refused to Consult on either claim, though they are legally mandated to Consult by the SCC in Tsihlqot’in v BC at [78].

This is because the Crowns work for CANADA Inc and ONTARIO Inc. (operating under the British Crown Inc.) registered in NYC, and The Privy Council. Note that the PM of CANADA Inc. swears an Oath to keep his dealings with this Privy Council SECRET.

Secrecy is also required by The Bank of CANADA Act, at S. 16. Then we learn, at Section 17 (2), that the shares in the Bank of Canada are held by the Minister of Finance on behalf of “Her Majesty in right of Canada.” This is the same term used in Washington DC in Exhibit 1.1 filed under CANADA (E.D.G.A.R. 230098), where our Consolidated Fund is transferred to Cede & Co. at Chase Bank, then moved off shore into Admiralty Jurisdiction.

Just follow their ‘money’ trail…

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